Customer raiting

Customer raiting

(From Facebook and correspondence)

Highest rating. One of the best I have ever booked I must say. I highly recommend this man.
Has spent a week entertaining our guests (and staff) during dinners and after beach with his voice. The gigs have also been very well planned.
/ Johan Carlsson, Event Manager

A very good troubadour that really catches the audience!

Recommended 👍🏽

/Peter Nguyen. Event Manager

A nice and lovely musician who is incredibly easy to work with. Always creates wonderful atmosphere with his entertainment.
/ Andreas Lindström. Business leader

Highly recommend MacAllan which I was privileged to hear a few weeks ago in Fuengirola, Spain.
What an impressive wide repertoire, even a Sinatra song was included.


Thanks for a super-good gig!
All guests have given us lots of praise for the good troubadour! The night turned out just the way I wanted. Nice entry I have to say, it really looked planned:) You seem to have a sense of what people want. The choice of music was great and it is fun when you can also request the songs you want. Several of the guests have asked who you were and say that - "we should book this guy for our party!"
/ Anna-Lena, Event Manager

Everyone thought it was very nice and also fun to get the desired songs. It was like a real dance night !! The gentlemen were so incredibly danceable. Cathrin and I probably hadn't expected it to be such a move !!
/ Marianne. Event Manager

We at ICA Kvantum in Luleå would like to thank for fantastic entertainment at our party last Saturday. We warmly recommend this fantastic troubadour that raised the mood with its professional appearance. The music quiz was great fun and even though many of us were young, we all hung out.


Great entertainment and party-atmosphere for my 40-year birthday party!
I can really recommend MacAllan
/ Sofia, Event Manager

Many thanks Allan, you made our company party a success! The songs you played were absolutely perfect. Good dance music.
/Henry. Business leader

We hired this wonderful troubadour for our two-day-wedding. He’s a musician with a wide range of songs. With the glint in his eye and a damn lot of energy behind the guitar he is just the best!
He’s also a quite funny guy.
Thank you MacAllan for 2 incredible nights.
/The bridal couple. Mona & Mats

A very good troubadour! I promise, I have had him at different parties! So don't think twice about booking him if you want a good party with good music!
/ Siv Nilsson, Event Manager

Thanks for a fabulous, fun and entertaining evening! You got a lot of praise for the music quiz, very much appreciated :) Perfect mix of music during the evening, fun with a well-filled dance floor.
/ The bridal couple Sanna & Peter!

Here is a recommendation for a good troubadour. The party room we booked was filled with joy, music and song. Many thanks to you.

/ Janne and Eva, 

THANK YOU for a wonderful musical evening! Many cheers from the guests, they liked the music and especially the dance songs. I was hoping for the quests wouldn’t go home so early, and this meant that me and my husband strolled home 05.30 FUN!!!!
/ 60-year-old Ingrid

What a great gig you offered when I celebrated my 40th day. Your voice is absolutely unbeatable. The atmosphere was on top all evening thanks to you. The music competition was much appreciated by the guests. I will definitely hire you again.
/ Helena

Oh what atmosphere you created! My 30-year party was great and you really contributed when you played !!! Many have asked who you are and how to contact you! The music competition is highly recommended and your laid back attitude made it easy to change the rhythm according to the guests' needs!
/ Linn, just turned 30


You played at me and my husband's wedding in Seskarö last year. Just wanted to say this was one of the highlights !!! So a big big thank you for making our wedding day even more wonderful.
Sends some pictures that were taken of you.
/ Heidi Boström


Here are some pictures from Saturday, it was as fun and nice as possible. You are great and your concept of choosing songs was to everyone's satisfaction. None of the 50 guests have said anything negative about your gig. Just lots and lots of compliments!
Thank you for making Svante's party a really enjoyable evening :)
/ Stina & Svante


When choosing entertainment for our wedding, we looked around on the internet and then our choice fell on you who we thought had a very nice voice and a broad spectrum of songs.
Our expectations of the gig were truly exceeded in every detail.
Recommend others to book you & hope to see you on more occasions.
/ The bridal couple Stenlund


We can only say once again that you were absolutely incredible and you really made the evening a great party. There were so many guests who asked who you were so you are probably well suited for future gigs.
/ Susanne and Marko


Thank you so much for everything you contributed to make my 40 year celebration so successful!
/ Katarina


 Our guests ask for you. If you can get by, we will book dates.

/ Bob


Everyone was really impressed by your gig. (Send over some pictures).
Thanks again for a great evening
/ Kalle. Event Manager


Thank you for a very enjoyable evening full of party-energy for three hours. My feet were sore the days after due to all the dancing to the good music

/ "Celebrate the 30 years couple"

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